Capstone’s experience with new construction uniquely positions us to provide the best management services available for your project. Since 1994 we have successfully leased and managed over 27,000 units of this type in six states and 58 cities. We’ve differentiated ourselves over the years with a track record of rapid lease-up across a wide range of property types.

Rapid Lease-Up

Capstone maximizes occupancy levels while obtaining optimum rental rates to generate peak performance. Due to our extensive experience with this type of housing, we are experts in preparing a property for lease-up. The objective is to reach full occupancy in the shortest time possible. We look to maximize the bottom line in accordance with the owner’s investment parameters. A full 51% of our lease-ups have been completed in 6 months or less and about 75% have been completed in 9 months or less.


Our new construction lease-up experience encompasses a full range of housing types including:

  • Class A and Class B
  • Luxury mid-rise and high-rise buildings
  • Affordable senior housing and Family Tax Credit housing
  • HUD insured developments
  • Student-by-the-bed housing