Advantages of Capstone Real Estate

Capstone takes pride in achieving consistent quality and results at every level of business. We achieve our clients' business goals by staying true to our own company identity and core values.

Professional Efficiency

Capstone is the final piece to your project and symbolically it’s when you know your work is complete. Well, that is what it’s like working with Capstone – we take the reins and let you focus on other priorities. With 45 years of experience, our highly qualified team of professionals will manage your property with sound principles, based on integrity, honesty and reliability while maximizing your NOI.

Capstone Systems are Industry Leading

We believe the property manager’s time should be spent managing the property, leasing and serving the residents. Capstone invested in the development of proprietary systems and processes that eliminate many of the administrative responsibilities of this most important position. Our clients appreciate that their on-site management teams are focused on meeting their goals as aided by these practices.

Vendors and Payables Management Systems

We have created proprietary systems that virtually eliminate the time spent by the Property Management team on vendor identification, processing and maintenance. Verifying vendor insurance, producing the end of year 1099 and finding qualified vendors are simplified with our proprietary Vendor Management system. This system was created to help manage risk and reduce the workload associated with vendor management.

In the residential property management industry, most Purchase Order systems, if used at all, allow for expenditures to occur before budget comparisons or over budget approvals are obtained. Our Vendor Management system and Nexus Payables are fully integrating keeping both our property managers and vendors in compliance with insurance, spending limits, budgets and approvals before spend.

Resident Dashboard

We take resident renewals seriously and believe that every convenience we can provide our residents contributes to increased renewals. Our systems offer the ability to pay rent, submit a work order, review balances and take advantage of a property specific set of customized resident services. From needs as simple as changing an address to choosing an energy provider, Capstone makes the resident’s lives more enjoyable. Our property management team is more confident in seeking renewals because they know they have something unique to offer.

Property Accounting

Meeting our clients’ needs is our number one priority at Capstone. The most frequent evidence of performance in this area is seen in the monthly financial statement. Our Property Accounting department is led by seasoned accountants, several of whom hold the CPA designation, and that have experience with conventional, tax credit and HUD multi-family as well as commercial property types. Our systems and processes are both flexible and robust. We have routinely met and exceeded the demands of international banking institutions and HUD while at the same time producing financials for individuals with unique desires. Producing financials and managing complicated charts of accounts and accounting structures for different owners with different asset goals has been one of the areas we have excelled in over the past 45 years.

Cash Management

A unique and important function of our Property Accounting team is managing Capstone’s sophisticated Cash Management system. Unlike anything in the industry, this proprietary technology optimizes a property's cash flow. By monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting the cash flow of a site; we can help maximize your property's cash position by studying trends and forecasting movement of collections, critical expenses, and trade payables. This approach combines advanced, look ahead reporting and analysis along with early warnings for cash shortages. Our broad range of services is designed to meet the needs of our Operations and Accounting Teams as well as that of our clients. Using these techniques, we can help maintain a property’s fiscal lead in a market or assist in re-positioning a cash critical property.

Client Dashboard

As a Client of Capstone you will have access to state of the art technologies that help you keep a finger on the pulse of property performance. For example, your Client Dashboard hosts your financial statements, market surveys, weekly activity reports, budgets and other important documents. Industry leading software and proven systems work together to provide early warning of potential issues, timely reporting and performance analysis.


Capstone Cares


We operate according to the highest ethical standards in all that we do.


Fiduciary Responsibility

We recognize and accept the responsibility entrusted to us by our clients.



We provide an atmosphere of respect and trust by treating each individual, as we would like to be treated.



We are committed to being leaders in our industry through the development of leaders in our company.



We achieve excellence through consistent commitment to attaining the highest levels of performance.



We produce a level of profits that fairly compensates stockholders’ risks and employees’ efforts.



We recognize and reward high achievement.


Participative Management

We encourage participation in the decision-making process.



We encourage the cooperation between individuals and departments and believe working together is an essential ingredient in corporate and individual success.



We provide opportunities for our people to grow and learn.


Growth Management

We are prepared and capable at all times for new opportunities.