Capstone-Managed Properties Win Coveted 2011 Property of the Year Awards

September 1, 2011

The Triangle Wins Best Mid/High Rise and Harris Branch is Best Affordable Property

Austin, Texas - The 2011 Austin Apartment Association Awards were held on June 16 to honor properties chosen as Property of the Year in each individual category. The criteria for these awards ensure that each property recognized exemplifies outstanding property management and is, therefore, considered truly a winner in the industry.

The Austin Apartment Association first evaluates each nominee with an independent, third-party shop of the staff. Three finalists in each category are chosen as a result of the shops. Next, each finalist is asked to submit names of staff members along with their positions and industry designations, as well as information regarding unique ways staff has handled marketing, resident retention and customer service. All finalists then undergo a detailed physical inspection of the maintenance and presentation of curb appeal, the grounds, common areas, offices, model apartments, visitor parking, maintenance shops and storage areas. Judges use these criteria to make the final decision regarding the winners.

Our winners, recognized for exemplary management, were The Triangle and Harris Branch. Congratulations to the Capstone employees associated with these properties. In addition, we would like to extend congratulations to the owners of the properties, our clients, for their continuous support and contribution to our effort.