Multi Family Property Management by Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc.

Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc. is a full-service, third-party property management firm. Founded in 1969, Capstone is one of the largest third-party management firms in the nation, with a portfolio extending to nearly 80 cities.


Since 1969, Capstone Real Estate Services has sought to enhance our clients’ investments by creating quality living & working environments. We have built our reputation around hands-on property management and we remain committed to providing the highest standards of service and integrity to our clients.

Who We Serve

As a third-party property manager, Capstone has two sets of customers, our clients and our residents. When our residents are satisfied with and proud of their apartment home, we are able to maximize rental income and thereby meet or exceed our client’s goals. Our highly professional and dedicated employees enable Capstone to service both sets of customers successfully so today we rank among the largest third-party management firms in the nation. We currently manage over 38,000 multi-family units and employ over 950 people in the field of property management.

Property Management Only

Also contributing to our success is the fact that Capstone does not own, buy, or sell investment real estate. Our only business is property management. This allows us to operate with zero conflicts of interest for our clients or other real estate professionals. This distinguishes us from other firms and enables us to provide the personalized service each property deserves, without the distraction that ownership can cause.